Spoken Word Poet

Sharing knowledge, empowerment, and entertainment through art and story.

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Workshop Facilitator

Learning, growing, and acquiring tools to create change in your community.

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Keynote Speaker

Covering the topics of overcoming adversity, leadership, diversity, and self-empowerment.

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Who Am I?

Christian Paige is an educator, keynote speaker, and a spoken word poet who uses his artistic expression to create change . He is a first generation college graduate who has committed himself to empowering others to reach for goals that are larger than themselves and transforming institutions to leverage diversity and create equitable climates.

Christian is a native of Tacoma, Washington. He is familiar with diversity, adversity, and thriving in environments that have less than ideal conditions. Christian’s passions have led him to a career in education and founding a non-profit called the HOPE initiative. Christian uses both of these platforms to create access to higher education for low-income and first generation students. Christian specializes in mentoring and cultivating equitable young leaders that become agents of change in their communities.

Christian encourages leaders to utilize their influence to build systems and cultures that will benefit not only themselves but those whom they will impact. Christian is a firm believer that real change happens when leaders reach for goals that are larger than themselves. He is determined to spread a message of empowerment to leaders of every age and sector to use their gifts, talents, and abilities to make change that will impact the world around them.




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