Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word is a powerful form of performance poetry that is used as a from of expression, a platform to address social issues, and effective method of storytelling. Paige is an Emmy nominated writer and performer.


Live Performances, Commissioned Pieces, Classroom Teaching, Writing Workshops


Christian is well versed in training, coaching, and teaching concepts of racial equity and inclusion. He is a certified CCAR Affiliate and  has nearly a decade of experience in creating and facilitating trainings and workshops that promote and sustain equitable practices.


Keynote Speaking

Paige is an effective speaker with the ability to connect to multiple audiences. He has spoken  to K-12 students and staff, universities, community impact organizations, and national networks across the United States. If you are interested in booking Christian Paige for your next event please see the contact page.


I would love to be in community with your class, school, business or group.