Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word is a powerful form of performance poetry that is used as a from of expression, entertainment and a platform to address social issues. I use spoken word poetry to teach students and adults about rhetoric, oral tradition, and utilizing literary devices to strengthen their public speaking and poetry skills.


Constantly building and growing is important to accomplishing goals. Workshops can play a role in that growth. I facilitate workshops that range from self-empowerment and finding your voice to goal setting and building an inclusive culture.

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Keynote Speaking

Your story is important. Your experiences give you perspective and your perspective creates wisdom. As an educator I have had many experiences with youth and seeing the liberation that comes along with owning who you are. As a keynote speaker my goal is to encourage, empower, and challenge individuals to own their identity and create powerful change in their communities. Topics include: Diversity and equity, Effective leadership, Navigating higher education as a first-generation student, and Being unapologetic in your greatness.


I would love to be in community with your class, school, business or group.