My Afro Anniversary

Today is my Fro-aversary!!!
A year ago I decided to grow my hair out. For a year I didn’t cut, tapper, or fade, I let my hair grow in its natural state. Many people don’t understand the stigma around black hair or understand how elusive the standard of beauty is to black people. Courts have banned dreadlocks, employers have confused presentable with palatable, and people with hair like mine spend hundreds of dollars to be seen as beautiful. As an educator my Afro has brought about major conversation and has allowed students to see themselves in me. Students are not used to having teachers, seeing professionals, or “successful people” with hair like this. My hair looks like theirs, like their mothers, like their fathers, like their siblings. I have had many students tell me that they no longer feel shame around their natural hair, that they are claiming their own beauty, and are unafraid to unapologetically walk in their identity. I have learned so much in this past year about being the message that I am preaching. I teach students to be proud of who they are, to share their beauty and gifts with the world, and to be strong in their identity. Now I wear that message as I preach it. I wear my hair like the crown that it is hoping to remind others that they too are royalty despite anyone telling them otherwise. Peace and love ✊?
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