About Me

One of the most important things to know about an individual is the why behind their work. My why is simple. I am in love with seeing people and communities thrive. My path has not always been paved well. As a first generation college graduate and a young professional, I have had plenty of experiences of feeling lost, misunderstood, disempowered, and alone. I know that there is both power and beauty in telling stories of triumph and overcoming obstacles. My goal is to use my abilities to inspire people and communities to overcome, to support each other, and to reach for goals that people have once told us were impossible. My work is to remind others of their greatness, to leave limiting beliefs and habits behind, and thrive regardless of what obstacles stand in our way.

Ask the Community

You do not have to take my word for it. Here are some reviews from clients who I have worked with before.

Erin Jones

Educator & Political Figure

I have witnessed Christian present in a variety of environments, from a spoken word at my political gathering to a spoken word at a large college event to serving as Master of Ceremonies at a large annual celebration. Christian is an expert communicator. He is able to command the attention of diverse audiences and clearly communicate a powerful message. He is incredibly gifted and will be an asset to any gathering.


Quenessa Long

College Student & ActSix Scholar

Unapologetic. I have been fortunate enough to see Christian Paige perform multiple times in my life by being connected through the Act Six community and I find that one of the best fitting words to describe him is Unapologetic. He speaks his truth about his hardships and triumphs in such an honest way that it makes others feel comfortable enough to also own up to their own realities. His poetic expertise are unmatched in the way that he can command a room no matter the nature of his piece of writing. It could range from a piece on love, power, blackness, or opportunity and many more, and within each work everyone in the room can find inspiration in his words. What I admire most is the way that he presents his work without holding back any of the real pains that he has experienced. This makes his work very affirming for those who often do not get to hear their stories told in such an uncontrolled nature. I find Christian to be an artist of freedom and I am always excited to hear him talk because I know that his poems will leave me filled and rejuvenated but also freed because of the way that it affirms my experiences.

Gene Sharratt

Gene Sharrat

Executive Director OSPI

We were honored to have you address the Washington Student Achievement Council staff on the topic of diversity. Your meaningful content and powerful delivery combined for an exceptional presentation. Thank you for the message of hope, belief, and respect that you provided our team. We were inspired and will move from honoring the value of diversity to acting on that value. Thank you! We will have you back!


I would love to be in community with your class, school, business or group.